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One person taking initiative in your relationship is enough to change your marriage!

I work 1:1 with women who are ready to strengthen their marriage, intimacy, and sexual experience by focusing first on themselves... and then watch the trickle effect it will have on their spouse and your marriage.

I fully adhere to the idea that a marriage takes two to tango. But owning ourselves, our experience, where we have control, and focusing on our self-concept stops us from having to go to our spouse to do this for us. When you are fully able to be yourself and learn the relationship skills I will show you, you'll see the magic happen before your very eyes.

If you're interested in working with me, you can schedule a free session by clicking below or email me with questions:

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Making Marriage Work 1:1 program

My program is tailored towards women who are ready to move from an ok marriage, to a GREAT marriage.

We spend lots of time focusing on creating an experience and outcome you love, which greatly influences your partner to do the same. You are even welcome (and it's highly encouraged) that you talk about, go through, and show him the techniques we use every week in our sessions to create a strong, loving, connected marriage and intimacy experience for you BOTH.

My program currently is 4-months long. We meet weeks 1-3 for a weekly 45-min 1:1 session, and week 4 (and 5) you spend intentionally working on your self-coaching: working through powerful shifts with yourself as your guide. 

Cost of this program is 1800$ or 4 monthly payments of 500$.

To get started, register for your FREE session by clicking below. This is where we will discuss where your marriage is vs where you want it to be and decide if my program will be a good fit for you. Schedule below! 


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Meet Jacqlin Guernsey

Jacqlin has a BS in Psychology, and an MA in English from Weber State University. She is a Certified Life-Coach through The Life Coach School. She currently resides in the PNW with her husband and 4 boys. She loves to read (prefers fiction, or anything from Brene Brown), write, watch movies, and be outside. Long walks are incredibly rejuvenating, and traveling with her family is at the top of her to-do list.

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