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What is your story?

Updated: Sep 7, 2021

We all have a story.

Each of us.

It’s our collective experience of life we create from how we process what is happening around us—From the thoughts we are thinking about our life, the people in our life, and the events that have encompassed the years we’ve spent on earth.

You might fully believe it’s truth, not story— that you’re telling me the news. That the pain from your past, from your relationships, from the circumstances you’ve had thrown at you are all just things that have happened to you. Created outside of you. That he just doesn’t love you or respect you, or that he shouldn’t have cheated because it ruined your marriage. That your child shouldn’t be suffering because they deserve so much more out of this life. That unexpectedly losing your job led you down a path of anger, resentment, your loved ones abandoning you, and onto addiction. Or that our parents inability to show us the way, to show up for us as children has made it impossible for you to show up for yours. Our stories are endless.

You think it’s true. You believe it’s true. You have such a firm grip on “truth.”

But what is your story creating for you? Is it moving you forward? Is it serving you?

Or is it keeping you stuck, holding you back, and forcing you into a belief that isn’t creating the life you really, truly want? What if you’re wrong about your story?

If you don’t like it, if it’s creating pain for you, if it’s stopping you from stepping into your true self— STOP BELIEVING IT. You have that power. You don’t have to believe it anymore. Who is the creator of your story? You. Always you. You really can decide right now to stop believing that story, and to create a new one.

You have full permission to let go of your story. Drop it and never pick it back up again. To create a new, beautiful, amazing story that creates the life you want.

To allow regret, pain, anger, and hatred to simmer off. To find more love, peace, and compassion for yourself, your people, and what has happened to you.

We don’t always have control of what happens outside of us. We can’t control illness, the actions and words of others, political climates or our past. But we can always control our story around it. Always.

What would be different for you if you chose to believe a different and more empowering story? One filled with learning, growth, and love. One that has you being a hero, and not a victim or the villain.

Change can happen. It’s there. It’s available. And it all starts by what we are choosing to believe about ourself and our life and the people in it.

Our stories can be rewritten. Your story can be rewritten. And it can be truly life-changing.

I promise you.

**Ready to re-rewrite your story, but unsure how? Click below and schedule a FREE session, where I will give you all the tools you need to rewrite your story into the beautiful, amazing one it really is.

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