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3 tips to help you work through an argument.

Last night there was a huge misunderstanding with my husband. My babysitter's kids were sick, and I had a class I needed to teach today. I had already cancelled once, so I was panicking trying to find somewhere for my kids to go so I didn't have to cancel twice. I asked my husband if he could take the morning off, to which he said, "it would be impossible." I scrambled, texting friends nearby who might be willing to watch them a couple hours. I could tell my husband felt bad,

How to get fear and mental exhaustion to finally take a backseat.

My oldest son had his first Volleyball practice last night. Yes, you heard me. My boy is playing volleyball. He brought the registration paper home to me a couple weeks ago, and I asked if he was interested in playing. He said he told his friends it didn’t sound fun because he didn’t want to be made fun of, but he was actually really interested in trying it out. (I’m so dang proud of him for trying something even with the fear of being made fun of! But that’s a story for anot

Am I doing a good job?

“I just want to do a good job,” is in the undercurrent of most of my daily to-dos and interactions. I want to be a good mom, a good wife, a good friend, a good homemaker, a good business owner, a good cook, a good chauffeur when I’m hauling my kids around, a good… you name it. But having the desire to do better and to learn and grow in a certain area, and BEING good, are two totally different things. You and I are good, just because it’s inherent within us. You are a good per

Getting out of the shame and blame game.

In the last 24 hours I’ve found myself wishing more than anything to go into my closet and hide behind my hanging clothes. Like I would do as a kid when I got in trouble or made a mistake and didn’t want anyone to look at me. To duck out. To have a significant amount of time where no one could see me, and I could just sit in the silence and pretend to not exist. It sounds dramatic, but it’s my defense mechanism for overwhelming emotion that doesn’t feel great; that has me que

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